3 Tips For Successfully Stripping Your Floors

Maintaining the quality of your commercial property requires that you keep your property's flooring in good condition. Since commercial spaces see a lot of foot traffic, the floors in a commercial building tend to become worn and dingy quickly.

Refinishing your floors can be a simple and effective way to update the appearance of your corporate space, making it more attractive to employees and customers. Before you can refinish your commercial floors, you will need to strip them to remove any dirt, debris, and old varnish or other products. Here are three tips that you can use to make the stripping process easier in the future.

1. Know what your floors are made of.

The first thing you should do when stripping your commercial floors is determine exactly what materials the flooring is made from. In order to properly strip the flooring in preparation for refinishing, you will need to use the correct solvents to help loosen compounds from the surface of the flooring.

Depending on the flooring material, different solvents will be effective. Taking the time to identify what your floors are made of prior to stripping will allow you to invest in the right chemicals to help speed the stripping process.

2. Use clean tools.

As you prepare a floor's surface for stripping, it can be beneficial to clean the floor first. Removing excess dirt and debris will allow the chemical solvent you are using to strip away old varnish and sealants to work properly.

Be sure that you are utilizing clean tools to remove dirt and debris in order to make your cleaning efforts more effective. You should also use clean tools while stripping your floors to prevent the chemical solvent being used from becoming contaminated.

3. Work in small areas.

It can be tempting to apply a chemical solvent to the entire surface of your floors when stripping commercial flooring. Although this might seem like it will make the stripping process go faster, you could actually make the completion of the stripping process more challenging when you try to work in a large area.

Section your floor off into smaller areas, and work in each area systematically. This approach will allow you to ensure uniform stripping and prevent you from missing any spots while you are attempting to prepare your floors for refinishing.

Stripping plays a critical role in ensuring that your commercial floors are ready for refinishing. Make your stripping efforts more successful by identifying the material your floors are made of, using clean tools, and working in small areas to avoid mistakes.Talk to professionals at companies like Green Lion Cleaning  for more tips.