Establishing A Startup? 3 Strategies To Build A Positive Reputation In Your Community

You've spent years creating the perfect business plan, and you are excited to open the doors to your company in the upcoming weeks. Yet you know that your community has a strong word-of-mouth stream that can make or break your business from the very beginning. On one hand, it's great to know that impressing a few customers will lead to a crowd, but it is also stressful knowing that one misstep could lead to poor reviews that are hard to recover from. As you plan your grand opening, use these tips to make sure that your first few days being open go off without a hitch.

Train Staff to Focus on the Customer's Experience

Startup businesses tend to run with a small staff until the business grows enough that you can accommodate adding on more salaries. However, you never want to skimp on the customer experience by directing your staff away from doing what they do best. Make sure to arrange for janitorial services before your grand opening. This way, you don't have to worry about your staff members walking away from customers during a critical moment to sweep the floor. Allowing your staff to avoid the heavy-duty cleaning work also means that they will arrive fresh-faced and ready each day to give your customers the best experience possible.

Establish a Plan for Keeping the Sales Floor Clean

While being greeted by a cheery smile goes a long way, your customers will be turned off if they find grimy shelves or tables throughout your sales area. Fortunately, commercial cleaning services help you maintain a sanitary sales floor that highlights your products, so all your customers notice is the goods that brought them to your door in the first place. Talk to your cleaning service about the best schedule for maintaining your business. While some companies need a weekly floor cleaning, you may need daily tasks, such as taking out the trash, as well. To learn more, talk to companies like Commercial Cleaning Services.

Follow up by Asking for Feedback

Let your new customers guide how you continue to operate your business by asking them for feedback. You can also check online reviews where customers feel comfortable enough to say exactly what they think. If you do read a negative review, then try not to take it personally. Instead, follow up by arranging for cleaning services or retraining your crew until all you see is one glowing review after another.

Enjoy opening your business with full confidence that your customers will be bragging about the experience to their neighbors. Since word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind, making sure that every detail is perfect is the best way to assimilate your business into a new community.