Four Things To Consider When Choosing New Carpet

If the time has come to replace the carpet in one or more of your rooms, you have a lot of choices to consider. There's tightly knit Berber carpet, options made from natural materials like sisal, and so many different colors of nylon. To figure out which carpet is best for you, ask yourself these questions while browsing your options.

How easy is it to clean?

Conventional nylon carpet is pretty easy the keep clean. It does not hold onto a lot of water, so it dries out quickly and won't mold. It also holds its color well, so you don't have to worry about your carpet cleaning company's solutions bleaching it out. Wool carpeting is harder to clean and will need to be dry cleaned by a professional. (Home carpet shampooers leave too much water behind.) Berber carpet also requires careful dry cleaning, and some natural materials like sisal and jute can't really be cleaned at all -- just vacuumed.

If you don't have any pets or kids, cleaning needs may not be so important to you. However, if you know you'll need to remove spills and pet hair from carpeting, you should pay close attention to this factor. If you have questions about how your carpet should be cleaned, contact professional companies like All State Carpet & Tile Care.

Will the color show dirt?

Even though you know you should have your carpet cleaned every six to twelve months, you don't want it to look too dirty if you're a bit late with your cleaning schedule. A really dark-colored carpet will show a lot of dust and dirt, as will a very light one. If you're not completely on top of cleaning, choose a medium-toned carpet for best results.

How does the carpet feel under your feet?

Sometimes homeowners spend so much time thinking about a carpet's appearance that they forget to assess how it feels. In a bedroom, you're really going to want a soft carpet that feels nice under your feet. A longer-fibered one may be a good choice. Texture is less important in the living room, but you still want something on the softer side. And in the dining room and hallways, you can get away with a bit rougher of the carpet since you're not usually trying to relax and be comfortable in these spaces.

What is the warranty?

The best carpets come with a good warranty that covers the carpet itself and installation for several years. Do check the provisions of the warranty. Some require that you have the carpet cleaned every 12 months in order for the warranty to be upheld.