Five Dirty Places In Your Office You May Be Forgetting To Clean

When you think about cleaning the office, what areas come to mind? You probably think of wiping down the desks, vacuuming the carpets, and maybe dusting off some shelves. But while this may be okay for a quick office cleaning, there are a lot of other dirty areas that don't always get addressed and probably need some attention:

The blinds or shades

Just like shades or blinds in the home, the window treatments in an office often get neglected because they are tough to clean. Yet, they are a big nuisance for allergy sufferers. Not only does dust collect on them, but since they are so close to the windows, they tend to accumulate pollen, too. Give them a good wipe-down or take them off to launder them, depending on the material.

The appliance handles

In the break room, some of the dirtiest spots are going to be the handles to appliances like the microwave, coffee pot, and refrigerator. People touch these before they wash their hands — and who knows what is on their hands! Luckily, they are easy to wipe down with a disinfectant spray and paper towel.

Upholstered chairs

Smooth chairs may get a wipe-down every once in a while, but what about your upholstered chairs? The upholstery can trap bacteria, viruses, and mold spores, even if it does not look dirty. It's a good idea to send these out for cleaning once a year or so. In between professional cleaning sessions, you can at least sprinkle them with some baking soda and vacuum them to remove odors and moisture.

The keyboards

This is another thing that everyone touches, again and again, without washing their hands. Computer mice are filthy, too. Give them all a wipe-down with antibacterial spray or wipes, and consider leaving a little packet of antibacterial wipes next to each workstation so the employees can each clean their keyboards daily. This should really cut down on germ spread, and employees will be happy you're taking measures to reduce the spread of illness.

The air ducts

Okay, this one is not a task you can tackle yourself, but it's definitely one worth hiring a professional for. The air ducts accumulate dust over time, and then each time the heat or air kicks on, that dust gets spewed all over the office. You have to work harder to keep the rest of the office clean if the ducts are always dirty! 

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