Struggling To Find A Baby Shower Gift? 3 Ways To Pamper The New Mom In Your Life

Baby showers are always a fun way to help a friend prepare for their little one's arrival. Yet, you know that one mom can only use so many onesies. While everyone tends to stick to gifts for the baby, it is always a good idea to consider the true challenges that your best friend will face during the next few months. As your friend's baby shower date approaches, consider these gift ideas that will leave your friend feeling pampered while also helping her through the last few weeks of pregnancy as well as the newborn period.

Set Her Up With a Meal Service

During the past few months, you have likely watched as your friend's appetite and favorite foods changed. Now, you know that she will have less time to focus on cooking since she's so busy preparing for her baby to arrive. Help her stay on track with a healthy diet by arranging for a meal delivery service to bring fresh ingredients to her door.

Schedule a Spa Day for Her

During the last month of pregnancy, it is common to feel as though nothing will ever get back to normal. Help your best friend feel like her beautiful self by scheduling a spa day that includes services that she loves. Whether your best friend enjoys a manicure or could just use a haircut, she'll love that you thought of helping her stay on top of her beauty regimen. As an added bonus, consider scheduling for a full service house cleaning to be done while she enjoys her spa day. She'll be extra touched by your thoughtful surprise when she returns home.

Help Her Tackle Essential Chores

Scrubbing toilets and vacuuming the floors gets so much harder as pregnancy progresses. Yet, your friend's nesting instincts may be going full force. Encourage her to stay off her feet by offering to help with those basic chores that must be done before the baby arrives. For instance, you could offer to help her get started with washing all of those cute baby clothes, or you could arrange for her to receive home cleaning services after she returns home from the hospital so that she can focus on bonding with her newborn.

Welcoming your friend's new baby to the world is exciting, and you can show her how much you care by offering a practical gift that keeps on giving. By focusing on helping your best friend accomplish those final essential tasks of becoming a mom, you will truly give her a gift that makes her feel pampered.