Important Features In A Commercial Vacuum

Since commercial spaces are often subject to higher volumes of traffic than residential spaces, specialized vacuums are required to keep commercial carpets clean. Investing in a commercial vacuum can be costly, so finding the piece of equipment uniquely suited to meet your company's cleaning needs is important.

Here are three important features that you should be looking for as you evaluate potential vacuum cleaners to meet your commercial cleaning needs in the future.

1. Look for a lightweight vacuum.

Although you need your commercial vacuum to be more durable than a vacuum designed for residential use, you don't want the piece of equipment you purchase to be too bulky. As you evaluate potential models, you should look for a commercial vacuum that features a lightweight design.

If the vacuum is lightweight, it will be easier for cleaning staff to maneuver. This will result in a higher level of cleanliness and less fatigue for your workers as they strive to keep your commercial space clean in the future.

2. Look for a canister vacuum.

Another important feature that you should be looking for as you shop for a new commercial vacuum is a unit that features a canister collection system. Some vacuum cleaners capture dirt and debris in a bag that can be removed and replaced when it becomes full.

These bags can be costly, adding to your company's overhead expenses over time. By opting to invest in a vacuum cleaner with a canister collection system instead, you eliminate the need for replacement bags. The vacuum's canister can simply be emptied out once it is full, helping you keep your company's operating costs low.

3. Look for a versatile vacuum. 

Commercial spaces can be soiled by a variety of contaminants on a daily basis. To ensure that you are able to keep your commercial space clean, you will need to look for a vacuum cleaner with versatile suction capabilities.

Invest in a model that is capable of removing dirt and debris from both carpet and tile or hardwood flooring. This will allow you to clean all of the flooring surfaces within your commercial space. You should also look for a vacuum cleaner with the ability to suck up both wet and dry debris to ensure maximum cleaning versatility in the future.

Purchasing a new commercial vacuum can be a significant financial commitment. Ensure that your purchase is a smart one by looking for a vacuum that is lightweight, has a canister collection system, and can clean many different surfaces.

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