Run An Office With A Kitchen And Restroom? Balance Cleaning Service To Optimize Costs

Creating an organized office and encouraging your employees to keep their workstations clean, you may not have too much difficulty with maintaining a tidy work area. But, this does not take away the fact that you will need to get office cleaning on occasion to handle other tasks. If you have a kitchen and restroom in your office, the need for professional cleaning is even greater.

Office cleaning service is an expense that you may want to balance to optimize upkeep costs. So, you should figure out what to prioritize and how often to get cleaning to accomplish this goal.

Prioritize the Kitchen and Restroom

One area that you should deem essential for regular cleaning is the kitchen and restroom. These are two spaces that your employees will rely on using each day, so they should always be clean. Also, the dirtiness in the kitchen and restroom is worse than dirt and dust in the workspace.

Get Several Cleanings Per Week

When you are managing a decent-sized office, you should get multiple cleanings each week. But, you can optimize your costs by only cleaning the dirtiest areas on each trip. Your employees may keep the work area so clean that you only need to have it cleaned once per week. This will save you money because cleaners can come in and quickly clean certain areas and then leave.

Request Certain Services

The best way to optimize office cleaning costs is to customize the service. For instance, you may want the cleaners to go scrub down the inside of the refrigerator and freezer each visit. This will make it more enticing for your employees to bring food to work. You can also request that the appliances such as the microwave, oven, and stovetop are cleaned every visit as well.

When the cooking appliances are clean, your employees may look forward to bringing ingredients from home and preparing a meal at work. To keep cleaners from spending extra time in the office, you can have them skip individual workstations on occasion based on their cleanliness. All it will take is a quick inspection of the office to determine which customized services are necessary.

Hiring an office cleaning company to keep your office spotless is easy. But, when you want to optimize costs in an office with extra features, you will benefit from analyzing all your options and requesting certain services so that the workplace gets an optimal cleaning every time.

For more information, contact your local office janitorial services.