The Essential Exterior Cleaning Of Your Home

You spend so much time keeping up with the cleaning inside your home, but when's the last time you gave the exterior a good cleaning? Here, you'll learn a little about the things that need to be tended to outside and how your local residential pressure cleaning service can assist you.


Fortunately, wood siding isn't used that often these days. This eliminates the need to scrape the old peeling paint off of the house for a fresh coat of paint. Today, many homes are sided with vinyl siding, which is as close to maintenance-free as you can get.

The siding on your home should be cleaned every couple of years – more often if you live in a humid climate. Mold growth can be a real problem on the exterior of homes that are located in humid areas. Pressure washing once a year will likely be needed to prevent stains from appearing on the siding.

Driveway and Sidewalks

Since concrete is so porous, it is easy for dirt, oil, and debris to penetrate it. This leaves it looking discolored and old after just a few short years. Concrete decks and sidewalks need to be cleaned using a cleaning solution and pressure washer.

You have to be careful when selecting the cleaning solution, especially if you have stained the concrete in previous years. If you choose the wrong cleaning solution, the stained finish can be damaged.

Once you have the driveway cleaned, consider having it sealed. Once it's sealed, it will be far more difficult for the surface to absorb the materials laying on top of it.

Wood Decks and Fencing

Wood can begin to look old and discolored in very little time. The good news is that it can quickly be restored to its original luster with a pressure cleaner, the right products, and a fresh coat of sealant.

Cleaning the wood decks and fencing on your property is important because the longer you allow dirt to remain in the cracks and crevices, the more likely the wood is to rot. The cleaner you keep the wood, the longer it will last before needing to be replaced.

Talk with a local residential pressure cleaning professionals such as A Blast to the Past. They will be able to come out and assess your home to see what needs to be done this year and maybe even coordinate a schedule to keep up with the exterior cleaning of your home.