How You Can Keep Your Furniture Upholstery Clean And Sanitized

Life can be a constant battle of cleaning up after yourself, your pets, children, and other family members. And when your furniture gets a great deal of use during all your daily activities in the home, they can begin to smell, have stains, and collect a layer of dust and dirt.

Because your furniture is such an important part of your family and gets used quite a great deal, you need to keep them clean with regular cleaning tasks. And hiring a professional cleaning service can also renew their appearance and condition when your regular cleanings don't do the trick. Here are some recommendations for you to keep your upholstered furniture in great shape despite the amount of use the receive on a daily basis.

Complete Spot Cleaning

As small spots appear on your furniture upholstery, when you clean them regularly it will leave your furniture looking clean and new. If you remove spots as they appear, you won't be left with a big task of cleaning your entire couch.

There are many types of cleaners and solutions you can use to clean the stains from your upholstery, including commercial brands and solutions you can make at home with your own ingredients you already have. For example, you can use a combination of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and some essential oils to make your couch smell great after you clean it. Use this to rub onto a stain until it is lifted.

There are other types of home-made cleaners that can work well. For example, a combination of club soda, white vinegar, and a few drops of liquid dish detergent also makes a great surface cleaning solution. Be sure to spot-test a cleaning solution on your upholstery in an inconspicuous area before cleaning the stain.

Surface Clean Your Upholstery

Dust and dirt can build-up over the entire surface of your upholstery over time, so it is helpful to follow a routine cleaning of your upholstery on a regular basis. As part of your regular home cleaning, wipe a damp rag or antibacterial wipes over your upholstery's surface to pick up dirt and dust.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Treatment

When you furniture has gotten excessively dirty from an incident in your home, such as from a pet or child, you will need to use a professional cleaning to get the upholstery clean deep into its surface. Some stains can get into your upholstery and also below it into the cushion padding. Leaving the stain in the padding can cause odors and stains the reemerge into the upholstery's surface. A professional upholstery cleaning service can use their equipment to do a deep clean and sanitize the upholstery.