Water Removal Equipment And Techniques That Dry Out Your Home After A Plumbing Disaster

When your home is flooded by a burst water pipe or other plumbing emergencies, it's important to remove the water quickly and dry out your house before too much water damage is done and before mold starts to grow. A good way to handle water removal is to call a restoration company such as Steam-All Restoration that can arrive with all the equipment needed to do the job. Here are some methods and equipment that might be needed depending on how much water is in your house.

Water Pump

If water is standing in part of your house, the easiest way to get rid of it might be with a pump. A pump is especially useful for getting water out of a basement since you can't shovel water out of an open door when the room is underground. The water has to be fairly deep for a pump to be brought in, so if your damage isn't that severe, other water removal methods will be used instead.

Manual Removal

Depending on where the water is and how much there is, you may be able to get rid of a lot of it by opening a door and pushing it outside with a mop or floor squeegee. You can also put down blankets or towels to soak up the water. You may want to try some of these manual methods before the restoration company arrives.

Water Extractors

A water extraction machine is like a vacuum except it sucks up water. This machine is especially useful on carpets when it's important to get all the water out from underneath the carpet. A water extraction machine can remove a lot of water from your home but it won't get your house completely dry.


Once the standing water is removed, the air will still have a lot of moisture and fabrics, such as carpet, will still be damp. The restoration company may bring in large commercial dryers that are fans that blow heated air. They can eliminate lingering moisture and help dry out places where water has run behind walls or cabinets.

Having quick availability of all this equipment and the personnel to operate it is one reason calling a water restoration company is the ideal way to dry out your house. Otherwise, you could waste valuable time and money on renting all the equipment you need, and you may still not dry out your house well enough when you don't have the expertise needed for water removal and home restoration.