4 FAQs About Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are two types of people in this world: those who have their carpets professionally cleaned, and those who don't. If you are someone who has never had their carpets cleaned before but you're considering utilizing this service now, you might have a few questions. Hopefully you will find the answers below.

Is carpet cleaning really that much better than using a home carpet shampooer?

If you've been getting by with just a home carpet shampooer up until this point, then you are in for a treat! Professional carpet cleaning removes a lot more dirt and grime than any machine you can buy at the local home goods store. The equipment is more powerful, so it is able to suck more water and dirt out of the carpet. This also means the professional equipment leaves behind less moisture, so your carpet dries a lot faster. It will be dry within a day, rather than taking three or four days to dry completely. This means your risk of mold growth goes way down with professional cleaning.

How often do you need to have the carpet cleaned?

Most carpet cleaning companies recommend having your carpet cleaned once a year, on average. Rooms that get a lot of traffic may need to be done every 6 months. Bedrooms that do not get a lot of foot traffic may be able to go two years between cleanings if you do a good job of keeping them vacuumed in between. However, if you have pets, cleaning all of your carpets every 6 months is recommended to keep odors and dander to a minimum.

Is the carpet shampoo safe?

Because the water they use is so hot, carpet cleaning companies do not need to use a very harsh detergent to get your carpets clean. Most are now using non-toxic, eco-friendly products, which are kinder to children and pets. If your carpet cleaning company does not immediately tell you about their shampoo, ask them about it. Let them know that you have pets and need a pet-friendly option; most offer this even if it is not their standard option.

Do you need to move furniture before the carpet cleaning company comes?

The answer to this question is, sadly, "it depends." If the carpet cleaning company has not stated that they will be moving the furniture, then the assumption is that you will do so prior to their arrival. However, some companies do offer furniture moving services along with their carpet cleaning services. You can pay a little more, and they'll show up an hour or two early with a small crew to move the furniture for you. If you're not capable of moving heavy furniture yourself, this makes carpet cleaning more feasible.

For more information, contact a carpet cleaning service.