Home Roof Cleaning Tips for an Optimal-Lasting Roof

A house's roof is a barrier of protection between your home and the outside elements—and its lifespan is based on the type of shingles that have been installed as its top layer of protection. However, the full length of years your roof can last is dependent upon its condition and how well it is maintained. Here are some tips you can use to keep your home roof cleaned and in shape for it to last as long as possible.

1. Clean Your Roof

It is important to clean your roof just as you clean your home's siding and keep clean your concrete free of stains or damaging materials. For example, moss, mold, and lichens can grow directly on your roof's shingles in the presence of other organic matter and high moisture levels. Although moss and other green fuzzy growths can make your roof look like an enchanted forest cottage roof, it will hurt your shingles and shortening their life span. The bad growth can break down the shingle's protective granules, eventually weakening the shingle's protection and leave holes in the shingles' surface.

You can, however, rid your roof of unwanted growths. First, be sure you clear off any organic debris from your roof, such as leaves and twigs, as they can trap moisture on your shingles, which leads to damaging growths. Next, if you find stains on your roof, clean them from your shingles with a solution of bleach, water, and detergent. 

As you spray this onto your affected shingles and let it soak in, it will kill off the growths. But don't use a pressure washer to spray this cleaning solution onto your roof, but instead, use a garden pump sprayer or other low-pressure sprayers. Afterward, rinse the cleaning solution from your roof with a garden hose. You can also hire a roof cleaning service to get on your roof and clean it off properly.

2. Maintain Drainage Gutters

As you take the time to clean your rooftop and shingles, removing leaves, branches, and cleaning growths, spend a bit more time and clean out your drainage gutters. These gutters attached to the edges of your roof are to help water flow off your roof and away from your home and the foundation. If any part of the gutter is clogged, cracked, or broken, they won't drain water off your roof successfully and you can end up with moisture seeping into your basement or foundation.

Clear out the build-up of debris from the interior of your gutters with a garden spade, your hands, or the spray from a garden hose and nozzle. If you cannot safely get up to your gutters to complete this, always hire a professional service to complete this for you.