Terminal Cleaning: From Hospitals To Your Home

A clean home is critical in times of a health crisis. Harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants can be found on the surfaces inside your home.

The current worldwide pandemic has reminded homeowners of the importance of regular cleaning.

Hospitals often use an approach known as terminal cleaning to maintain a safe environment. You can implement this type of cleaning in your own home to help keep your family healthy in the future.

Clear the Room

The first step in the terminal cleaning process is the removal of all detachable objects from the room being cleaned. This includes taking out all furniture, rugs, and even removing wall decor.

Eliminating the detachable items allows you to work with the actual structure of the room. The items you remove can be stored in a separate location within your home, then sanitized and returned to the room once the terminal cleaning process is complete.

Work From the Ceiling Downward

Harmful contaminants can hide in the most surprising places. A good terminal cleaning will address these hiding spots to remove health hazards from your home.

It's important to start your terminal cleaning from the ceiling and work your way down toward the floor. This approach allows any contaminants that fall during cleanup to be eliminated as the terminal cleaning progresses.

Remove all light covers so that you can clean both the fixture covers and the lighting elements. Make sure that you spend time cleaning out any air ducts or air handlers in the room before you move on to cleaning the walls and floors.

Working in a downward pattern is the most efficient and effective way to eliminate contaminants from a room.

Disinfect or Sanitize Detachable Items

Once you are sure the room itself has been thoroughly cleaned, you can turn your attention to the detachable items you removed prior to starting a terminal cleaning session.

These items must be disinfected or sanitized before they are brought back into the room, otherwise, they will reintroduce contaminants into the cleaned space.

Tabletops and other hard surfaces can be wiped down with some diluted bleach to kill any germs present. Soft furnishings can be spritzed with white vinegar to ensure their cleanliness.

Sanitize or disinfect items one at a time, then return each item to the room once it has been treated. If you let your sanitized items remain outside the terminally cleaned room, re-contamination may occur.

For further tips, reach out to a terminal cleaning service near you.