How A Carpet Repair Service Can Restore Damage Caused By Your Dog

If your carpet is in pretty good shape except for areas where your dog tore at a seam or ripped a hole in the carpet, you can probably have the damage repaired. This saves you from having to buy a whole new carpet, and you won't have to cover the damage any longer. Here's a look at how a carpet repair service might help your carpet.

Trim And Seal A Bad Seam

As long as the seam doesn't have any long rips that run from it, the carpet repair service might be able to trim away the frayed edges and rejoin the seam. This involves trimming both sides of the seam while making straight lines so the sides can join together perfectly to make the seam invisible.

Once the sides are ready to join, they are brought together with a carpet stretcher and held in place so the carpet can be seamed using a seam iron and seam tape. Once the tape is in place, the carpet stretcher is removed and the area over the seam raked to blend the carpet fibers together. The seam should be invisible when the repair person is finished.

Patch A Hole In The Carpet

The technique for patching a hole can be used for repairing a rip, burn, stain, or any other kind of damage since the damaged area is cut and removed from the carpet. When the damaged area is out of the way, a piece of carpet can be patched in.

Finding a suitable carpet patch might be tricky because the patch has to match the color and type of carpet you have or the repaired area will be noticeable. The carpet repair professional might recommend cutting the patch from a piece of the same carpet that's hidden in a closet or under your bed.

It's important to make straight lines when cutting out damaged carpet because the patch has to be an exact match or the seams might show. Patching the carpet entails placing the patch in the opening where the damaged area was removed and sealing all the edges with heat-sensitive seam tape and a seam iron.

Once the seams are finished, fuzz is trimmed away and the fibers are brushed so they mingle and hide the seams. The seams along the patch should be invisible, but the patch might be slightly noticeable until the area has had some foot traffic and light exposure. The patch will soon look like the rest of the carpet. Contact a carpet repair service for more information.