4 Places You Need to Clean in Your Restaurant

Keeping your restaurant clean is essential to ensure your restaurant meets Health Department guidelines. A clean restaurant will also make your customers feel more comfortable and safe eating in your restaurant. Some areas are obvious that you should keep clean in your restaurants, such as the tables and door handles. However, some areas are easy to neglect to clean but need proper attention and keep your restaurant a safe place for everyone.

Place #1: Ice Accessories 

Ice machines are famous for getting dirty and being hard to clean. If you have a modern ice machine in your restaurant, it should be a little easier to clean. However, keeping your ice machine clean can be a daunting task. Your cleaning crew can take care of this task every day. They can clean out the bin after hours and then get the machine running again so that there is enough ice when you open it in the morning.

Place #2: Booster Seats and Highchairs

If your restaurant provides high chairs and booster seats to customers, they should be wiped off throughout the day between each customer that uses them. Likewise, the eating tray should be removed and disinfected between each client.

At the end of the day, the entire structure needs to be cleaned. You will want to have your after-hours restaurant cleaning staff clean your booster seats and highchairs top to bottom with a bleach solution to ensure the entire structure is safe and sanitary.

Place #3: Menu

You should have your staff wipe down the menu after they are returned. If you really want to cut down on the spread of germs between menus, you should switch to paper menus. You should also have your after-hours cleaning staff disinfect all the menus. Again, they should be cleaned with a bleach solution. To ensure the cleaning process doesn't damage your menus, be sure to laminate them or place them inside a cover.

Place #4: Soda Fountain Dispenser Nozzles

Fourth, it is essential to clean the soda fountain dispenser nozzles. Cleaning them is simple. You will need to remove the nozzles and diffusers for the unit and then clean and sanitize them in chlorine. The drip pan should also be cleaned.

During the day, it is up to your staff to keep up with regular cleanings, such as wiping down tables and high-touch areas. After hours, you are going to want to bring in a restaurant cleaning service to do the deep cleaning and ensure all the neglected areas in your restaurant are as clean as possible, such as the ice machine, the soda fountain dispenser nozzles, the menu covers, and the booster seats and highchairs.