Keeping Light-Colored Carpeting Clean And Attractive

If you recently had carpeting installed in your home and you opted for a lighter shade, you undoubtedly want to keep its pristine appearance for as long as you possibly can. With a lighter shade, you need to be diligent in your cleaning attempts so carpeting does not prematurely deteriorate from accumulated debris. Here are tips to keep your carpet looking new.

Designate An Area For Shoes, Food, And Drinks

Instead of allowing people to walk across your carpeting with their shoes on, provide a spot near the doorway of any room where lighter shades of this flooring medium are used. For guests, encourage them to remove their shoes by presenting a friendly sign and a basket, box, or shelf for them to place the shoes. If you intend to entertain, host the food and drink portion of the get-together in a spot where your carpeting is not used. Make it a priority to eat and drink in a different area rather than risking a spill, which could damage carpeting easily.

Hire A Service To Clean Carpeting Regularly

Even with routine cleaning sessions, the carpeting may become discolored from everyday usage. You may not even notice this progression as you spend time in your home on a daily basis. To avoid this scenario, hire a carpet cleaning service to come to your home every few months. They use professional equipment and products to eliminate stains, remove debris, and freshen carpets with a pleasing fragrance.

Vacuum With The Right Cleaner

Light-colored carpeting requires a bit of extra TLC when it comes to vacuuming sessions. Wipe down the wheels of your vacuum cleaner with a damp cloth before you start the process of vacuuming so debris does not get pushed along the carpet. Opt for a vacuum cleaner with a height adjustment option. For longer strands of carpeting at risk of unraveling, use a higher adjustment and run the cleaner through the carpeting more than once to remove all debris. For shorter strands, use a lower setting.

Use A Few Handy Tools

Consider having your carpeting sprayed with a protectant against staining. This can be obtained and applied by a professional carpeting cleaning service. It will need to be reapplied every few years for non-stop protection. Another handy tool to keep on hand is a few carpet remnants or mats. These can be used to cover high-traffic areas at times when you and/or your family are the only ones at home. Remove them when you expect guests.