Commercial Cleaning You Should Have Done Regularly In Your Office

Whether you have a small office space you want to keep clean or you operate a large facility and have trouble keeping up with maintenance and cleanliness, commercial cleaning can benefit your company in big ways. Janitorial cleaning is not the same as commercial cleaning, although you can hire the same specialists to do both services.

If you regularly clean your office on your own or have your staff keep their sections clean as part of their regular tasks, you still need commercial cleaning done regularly. This is a service that you can have done as frequently as you wish, from once a week to daily, or however you see fit for your business's needs. Commercial cleaning costs around eleven cents per square foot, or you can be charged a flat rate for the service.

Here are commercial cleaning things you should have done regularly in your office. Get a quote from your commercial cleaning specialist to find out how much your services will cost.

Appliance cleaning

Appliances are any pieces of machinery or technology that your staff regularly uses in the office, from the coffee maker to the printer. Having the nooks and crannies of these regularly-used appliances cleaned regularly will help you keep the common cold and other germs at bay and keep these appliances operating better. Your commercial cleaning specialist will use special tools and cleaning supplies to protect office appliances while cleaning them.

Flooring cleaning

Floor cleaning is essential to a healthy workplace while keeping the work area looking great as well. Since the floors take up much of the space in the office, you should have commercial cleaning done on your floors often. Have floor cleaning done every season or more frequently in high-traffic areas or when you see the floors start to look dull, worn, smelly, or aged.

Your commercial cleaner will use both earth-friendly and commercial cleaning products to keep your floors looking great. If you have custom or specialty floors in the office, choose an office cleaning specialist who has experience or specializes in the type of floors you have.

Wall cleaning

The walls of the office likely don't get as much attention when it comes to keeping them clean as other parts of your office do. Have your commercial cleaning specialist address the walls of your office when they do their other traditional cleaning so you can maintain the overall appearance and healthy appeal of your building.

If you want a clean office, contact a commercial cleaning service to learn more about your options.