3 Questions About Disinfectant Fogging

Do you want to take some steps to make sure that your office environment is clean for you and your employees? If so, then disinfectant fogging may be the solution that you are looking for. Here are some common questions you're likely to have about this process.

How Is The Disinfectant Fog Coverage Verified?

You may have concerns about if the disinfectant fog process is actually working. It is common to put small test strips in various places throughout your office before the fogging process begins. These test strips let the contractors know if the antibacterial fog has come in contact with the contact strip. Since the disinfectant is so effective at covering all surfaces in fog form, all the test strips should come back with results showing that the surface has been disinfected no matter where they are located. This is also a way that the contractor guarantees that they've disinfected all surfaces and did not miss anything.

What Exactly Is Thermal And Cold Fogging? 

There are a few options for disinfectant fogging, which include thermal and cold foggers. Unfortunately, the names do not do that great of a job of explaining how they work. A thermal fogger works by applying the fog with heat; it takes a liquid disinfectant and heats it up until it turns into a fog, which is then sprayed over the area that you are cleaning. A cold fogging process will push the fog into the room with air pressure, which prevents the need to heat up a disinfectant. Both methods are equally as effective at sanitizing the surfaces of a room.

Is Disinfectant Fogging Safe For Every Surface?

A common concern about disinfectant fogging is how the various surfaces in your office will react to the disinfectant. Know that fogging is a safe practice that will not leave surfaces damaged when the process is finished. One consideration that is taken is when you have items in an office that are sensitive to moisture, like computers and other electronics. The contractor applying the disinfectant fogging will likely decide to use a thermal fogging solution since the process of heating the disinfectant removes a lot of the moisture from it and is safe for electronics. 

Feel like you are ready to have your office space cleaned with a disinfectant fogging solution? Reach out to a contractor in your area to learn more about the process.