Why Get Professional Pet Odor Removal Done For Your Carpets?

Once a pet has had an accident or deliberately urinated or defecated in your carpets, it can be hard to get your carpet back to the way it was initially. The pet odor may not even be noticeable right away, but when the ammonia or sweet stench of urine creeps out, it may be too far embedded in your carpeting to easily remove.

You can hire a carpet pet odor removal specialist to treat your carpets and make them clean again. This is an investment that is well worth the cost, and you'll find out why here.

You get the bacteria related to the stench out

Where there is pet waste in your carpet, there is odor. Where there is odor, there are bacteria. In order to get the stench out, the bacteria need to be killed and the odor neutralized. Your carpet pet odor removal specialist knows how to do this and can accomplish removing the stench of pet urine in a single application. To keep your carpets fresh after removing the pet stains, have your carpets treated on a regular basis, even when they don't smell bad.

You get the moisture out that ammonia smells thrive in

Have you ever tried to remove the pet odor yourself, only to make it seemingly worse? When you wipe at or carpet clean a pet odor stain, you effectively reactivate it with moisture, and this moisture may not get removed entirely with your residential cleaning tools. This allows the stench to stick around and get worse with time.

Instead of putting your cleaning tools and carpets at risk, hire a carpet pet odor removal specialist instead. You'll be able to learn how to take care of your carpets from your carpet cleaning professional, and the money you spend in getting the carpets cleaned in the first place will be worth it later when you can avoid doing the work yourself.

You prevent future pet markings

Pets will often continue to urinate and defecate in areas where they've already soiled, especially if they can still smell their markings from previous efforts. Hiring a carpet pet urine removal specialist to take out the smells can help prevent future pet markings. It's wise as well to close doors to affected rooms until they have been treated, dried, and pets have proven to be less likely to use the bathroom indoors. Consider using pet urine or accident pads in areas they usually go potty in to help protect freshly-cleaned carpeting from future accidents.

For more information about carpet pet odor removal, contact a local professional.