Signs Your Home Is In Need Of Home Air Duct Cleaning Again

If you have ever had your home air duct cleaning done, you know this is a service you should have done more than once. While it doesn't have to be done every year or even as often as you change your air filters or have your HVAC system inspected, you should still know how often home air duct cleaning needs to be done.

So, when is it time to have this service done again? Your HVAC specialist will let you know for sure, but here's a guide to help you learn when you need to have it done between cleanings.

You smell something bad when the air is on

Whether you can smell your basement litter box or just dirt or dust coming from your air ducts, if you can smell anything unpleasant coming from them when the air is turned on, it's time to have home air duct cleaning done. You can periodically clean out the ducts you can see on your own by lifting the vents and wiping the entrances out, but your HVAC specialist will be the professional to trust the rest of the work to in the end.

You see debris coming out of your ducts

When the ducts are in use, do you see hair, dust, and other debris coming out of them? If so, it's time to have a residential air duct cleaning done. Your HVAC specialist will likely first check your air filter to your furnace and air conditioner to make sure they aren't clogged and letting debris pass by. Then they will perform a home air duct cleaning on your ducts to make them as free of debris as possible.

You can put dryer sheets just under your vents to help trap some more debris if you want extra protection in addition to having a professional home air duct cleaning done. Your HVAC specialist may put you on a regular schedule to have this service done if anyone in your home has allergies, is very old or young, has upper respiratory issues or autoimmune issues, or if you want to have an automatic cleaning scheduled.

You can technically have a home air duct cleaning done on your HVAC system whenever you wish, but the service is easy to overlook. This guide is simply meant to help you evaluate the needs of your HVAC system to see if a cleaning is necessary right away. Your HVAC specialist will tell you how much home air duct cleaning costs.