Why Pet Owners Should Have Their Carpet Professionally Cleaned

If you have pets, then it's even more important for you to make sure you vacuum your home regularly and have the carpet professionally cleaned periodically. Once you understand how your pets can affect your carpet, you'll see why having it cleaned by professionals is so important. Here is more on this topic: 

Oils on fur can leave stains 

You may think because you have your dog groomed regularly that they won't leave much dirt on your carpet. However, dogs have natural oils on their fur. This natural oil will come off on the carpet when they lie on it. 

The stains can look like dark spots, and they can also cause odors on the carpet. The stains can be hard to get out of the carpet fibers, but professional carpet cleaners will be able to lift and remove them without difficulty. 

Pets can have accidents

You might catch some of the accidents your pets have on the carpet. However, even if you immediately clean them, there can be some fluid that goes beneath the carpet's surface, which you can't reach. This can continue to cause odors and the stain can keep coming back as people walk on the carpet. Also, keep in mind, you might not even know about all the accidents that have been made on the carpet. This is because many times, cats and dogs will 'clean up' some types of accidents they have, such as vomit. When you get home, you may not see signs of an accident, but the odor can remain and a stain can develop.  Professional carpet cleaners use pet solutions and professional-grade equipment that can remove those accidents from beneath the carpet.

Pets can be messy

When you have a pet, you will likely enjoy giving them special treats. Pet owners like to watch their pets get excited about a treat and run off to enjoy their reward. However, they don't use plates and can be leaving many crumbs on the floor. Many of which will end up under the surface of the carpet, where most won't be pulled up by your home vacuum cleaner. Those hidden crumbs can be calling cards for pests. A professional carpet cleaner will clean your carpet with equipment that's capable of removing most of those crumbs, so you know there's nothing in your carpet that can increase the likelihood of you ending up with a pest problem in your home.

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