Curtis Harris

Why Medical Cleaning Services Are Important For Your Medical Facility

If you manage a hospital, a clinic or some other type of facility where patients go to receive health care, it's important that your facility gets cleaned regularly by experienced cleaning service professionals who specialize in this area of work. Professional medical cleaning can help ensure better safety for all patients and staff members and make it possible for your facility to continue to offer the quality care that everyone deserves.

Why Get Professional Pet Odor Removal Done For Your Carpets?

Once a pet has had an accident or deliberately urinated or defecated in your carpets, it can be hard to get your carpet back to the way it was initially. The pet odor may not even be noticeable right away, but when the ammonia or sweet stench of urine creeps out, it may be too far embedded in your carpeting to easily remove. You can hire a carpet pet odor removal specialist to treat your carpets and make them clean again.

3 Questions About Disinfectant Fogging

Do you want to take some steps to make sure that your office environment is clean for you and your employees? If so, then disinfectant fogging may be the solution that you are looking for. Here are some common questions you're likely to have about this process. How Is The Disinfectant Fog Coverage Verified? You may have concerns about if the disinfectant fog process is actually working. It is common to put small test strips in various places throughout your office before the fogging process begins.

Four Benefits Of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

Carpets are necessary for comfort and making spaces seem warm and inviting. If your room doesn't have a carpet, it might feel empty, especially if you are a minimalist. However, carpets tend to get dirty easily due to due to accumulation of dirt and filth. Professional carpet cleaning is essential every once in a while, to increase the lifespan of your carpet and make it look new. Here are the four main benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners.

Commercial Cleaning You Should Have Done Regularly In Your Office

Whether you have a small office space you want to keep clean or you operate a large facility and have trouble keeping up with maintenance and cleanliness, commercial cleaning can benefit your company in big ways. Janitorial cleaning is not the same as commercial cleaning, although you can hire the same specialists to do both services. If you regularly clean your office on your own or have your staff keep their sections clean as part of their regular tasks, you still need commercial cleaning done regularly.