3 Reasons To Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Maybe you have new carpet that you want to keep looking like new, or perhaps you have older carpet that could use a face lift. Regardless of your carpet's age, regular carpet cleanings will help keep it looking its best. Check out a few reasons to schedule regular sessions with a carpet cleaning specialist. 

1. Systematic Cleanings Are More Economical Than Replacing the Carpet

Unfortunately, it only takes a few spills to make your carpet appear stained and dingy. Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning can remove even old stains with ease. This includes items known for being difficult to remove, including wine, coffee, blood, and grape juice.

You can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by having your carpets cleaned instead of replacing them.Though a one-time cleaning will benefit your carpets, you should have regular cleanings to keep them looking their best.

2. Your Carpet's Warranty May Required Regular Cleanings

When you purchase new carpet, it may come with some type of warranty that guarantees it will maintain a certain appearance for a specified period. However, many homeowners don't realize that there are steps you have to take to maintain this warranty. Many carpet warranties require you to have the carpets regularly cleaned to keep the warranty active.

Protect your investment by adhering to the cleaning schedule proposed by the terms of your warranty. If the warranty doesn't specify how often to clean your carpets, every 6 to 12 months is suitable for most households. Save your carpet cleaning receipts so you can easily prove your adherence to the warranty. 

3. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment Is More Effective

One of the benefits of hiring a commercial carpet cleaning service is that their equipment is more effective than cleaners designed for personal use. The vacuums that they use before cleaning the carpet remove more dirt and allergens than home vacuums. This enables their cleaning equipment to remove as much dirt and grime as possible.

Commercial carpet cleaning equipment typically uses a cleaning technique known as hot water extraction. This method injects extremely hot water and cleaning solution into the carpet to clean them. The machine then promptly extracts the water and solution, bringing much and grime with it. 

Thanks to hot water extraction, carpets dry much quicker when cleaned with commercial equipment. The sooner your carpets dry, the less chance of them developing mold or mildew after a cleaning. Carpets that dry more rapidly also permit your household to resume your daily activities as soon as possible.