Considering A New Cleaning Company? What You Should Know About Green Cleaners

If you have been considering a new commercial cleaning service, you may be wondering about what your options are. Sure, there are a lot of different cleaning companies that you can choose from, but it's tough to choose the right one amidst all of those options. You want a company that's trustworthy and skilled, but one of the things that many business owners overlook is the type of materials used. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a cleaning service that uses safe, green cleaning products.

Green Cleaners Are Just As Effective

You may be hesitant to opt for a cleaning company that uses green cleaning products because you may believe that those cleaners can't possibly be as effective as the germicidal, antibacterial cleaners that have become mainstream.

The fact is that most green cleaning products have been tested and proven to be effective at dealing with most any typical office environment. You may want stronger products if you are dealing with a high-infection type of environment, like a restaurant or a hospital, but for standard office or retail space, green cleaners are just as effective.

Green Cleaners Are Easier On Everything

One of the best reasons to opt for green cleaning supplies is that they are not as damaging as the traditional chemical-based products. They were originally designed to be easier on the environment, and they are just that. They are biodegradable, which makes them much more friendly to the environment. They don't release as many VOCs, which makes them less damaging to the ozone layer as well. Green cleaning products don't require as much energy or generate nearly as much waste material in their manufacturing process, which is great for the environment as well.

In addition to being easier on the environment, green cleaners will also be easier on your office space. They aren't as abrasive or harsh, so they won't cause as much damage to your surfaces or materials. You won't have to worry about corrosion, which can be caused by the chemicals in some traditional cleaners.

Green Cleaners Are Safer For You And Your Staff

Many of the traditional chemical-based cleaning products have proven to be dangerous to general health. They contain chemicals that have been proven to be toxic, including cancer-causing ingredients and more. Over time, prolonged exposure to these cleaning products and their residues can ultimately lead to severe illnesses, including cancer. You can't eliminate all of the residue or fumes from your facility, so there's no way to completely avoid this problem when you use traditional cleaners.

Opting for green cleaners will eliminate the risk of any chemical exposure. Green cleaning products are created from natural ingredients, so there are no toxic chemicals to come in contact with. You can breathe easier knowing that you, your staff, and your customers will be safe when you choose a cleaning service that uses green cleaning products.

Green Cleaners Are Not Cost-Prohibitive

A lot of business owners have dismissed the idea of green cleaning services because of a misguided belief that they are much more expensive than traditional cleaning services. There is some truth in the history of this, though. When green cleaning products were first released, they were much more expensive than their traditional counterparts. That led to commercial cleaning companies charging more when they were asked to use them.

However, these cleaning products are no longer so cost-prohibitive. Green cleaning products have become far more mainstream as compared to the chemical-containing products, and as a result they have become increasingly more affordable. Pair that with the fact that commercial cleaning companies buy in bulk, and you won't find the same cost-prohibitive situation with these cleaners as in the past.

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