Air Ducts: Spotting Dirty Ducts And Having Them Cleaned

Regular maintenance for you to take care of when it comes to your HVAC system includes keeping the air filter clean and cleaning the area around the outside unit. It also includes having the system looked at once a year professionally. However, caring for the ducts isn't included in what you would expect to be your routine tasks. This is why the ducts can eventually end up with quite a bit of dust in them. Also, they can get other debris in them, such as urine and feces from rodents and other small animals that get inside them. Eventually, the build-up in the ducts can be significant. Learn the signs of needing the ducts cleaned and the benefits of having it done here: 

There is an influx of dust

If you just moved to your area, then you may not know how much dust to expect in your home during different seasons. However, once you have spent a year or more in the area, you will have a better understanding of how dusty the area is. If you are finding it harder than what's normal to keep the house dusted, then it may be due to dirty ducts. Keep in mind, you should expect to clean the air filters more and to have the ducts cleaned more often when you are in a dusty region, like the desert, or you have a dirt yard. 

Allergies are acting up more frequently and with increased severity

It's normal for you to have your allergies act up more frequently during the springtime. However, you should be able to get some relief when you are inside your home with the doors and windows closed. However, if you aren't getting much relief when you have been inside your home, then the ducts may be the problem. If they are quite dusty, then pollen and other allergens can be blowing out of them into the home. It could be mold in them affecting your allergies. So, if your home isn't giving you a break from your allergy symptoms, then the air ducts may need to be cleaned. 

There are odors that you can't pinpoint the location of

If you have old meat in the trash, then a foul smell will come from the trash bin. If you have debris in the drain, then an odor will come from the sink. However, when you have an odor in your home you can't pinpoint the location of, then it may be because that odor is coming from your air ducts. There may be mold, pest excrement, or even a pest that has died up in the vents. Having someone come clean them is going to be the only way you will finally get the odor out of the house.

For more information on air duct cleaning, contact a professional near you.