What Will A Residential Cleaning Company Clean?

When you utilize the services of a residential cleaning company, it's up to you to decide what areas you want them to clean. Most companies offer many service options at different price ranges, so you can choose what tasks you want them to perform. While every company is different, most of them will clean the following areas:


One of the things that most people don't want to clean themselves in their homes is the toilets. Toilets are unsanitary and difficult to clean properly, but professional cleaners will have the proper protections—gloves, masks, etc.—and tools to clean your toilets, so they look and smell nice and clean. Clean toilets will significantly improve the overall cleanliness of your bathrooms. 

Sinks, Showers, and Tubs

The sinks, showers, and tubs in your home are prone to becoming dirty and will often collect mineral deposits. A residential cleaning company will clean these areas and remove all the mineral deposits, and your sinks and bathing areas will look sparkling clean. 

Basic Clutter

One of the more common tasks that residential cleaning companies perform is removing and organizing clutter. Whether it's your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, or any other room, clutter will make your home look messy, even if everything else is clean. Professional cleaners will ensure that these areas are cleaned up and everything gets placed where it belongs. 

Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

Your floors, walls, and ceilings must be cleaned regularly, although most people only clean their floors. A professional cleaning company will sweep, vacuum, and mop your floors, but also scrub your walls and sometimes even your ceilings if needed. They'll also remove dust and cobwebs. 

Neglected Areas

Professional residential cleaning companies sometimes will clean areas of your home that are often neglected, including behind appliances and underneath furniture. These areas are hard to access, so many people allow them to remain dirty, but professional cleaners have the tools to access them. They will even move appliances and furniture when possible.  


Windows often collect dust, have streaks, etc. A residential cleaning company will clean your windows and window sills, drastically improving your home's overall aesthetics.  

Inside Appliances

Another area of your home that likely doesn't get cleaned often or thoroughly enough is inside your appliances. The inside of your fridge, oven, dishwasher, etc., can become quite dirty and create an unsanitary environment. Professional cleaners will scrub these areas and disinfect them, making them look better and more sanitary. 

For more information, contact a local residential cleaning company